ALL I NEED in this WORLD is GOD, JESUS CHRIST, and The HOLY SPIRIT. I NEED GOD to supply me SUFFICIENCY in all things , for me to WORSHIP, and to put the RIGHT PERSONS and RIGHT IDEAS in my life at the RIGHT TIME and in the RIGHT WAY. I NEED JESUS CHRIST to SAVE my soul, to PROTECT me from my own FLESH, and to give me the STRENGTH to do all things. I NEED The HOLY SPIRIT to be my COMFORTER and my GUIDE and to give the WORD to the ANGELS to set my CROOKED PATHS straight. Between THEM ALL they will SUPPLY all my NEEDS. NOW if u DON’T see ur NAME, then u SHOULD be able to figure that out and if u CAN’T, then u’re not as SMART as u think u are………………………….


TOP 10

1. OHIO ST – All of a SUDDEN, that @MICHIGAN game, the LAST GAME of the year looks a bit more INTERESTING.

2. MICHIGAN ST – They play OHIO ST one week before MICHIGAN does. In the meantime they’re just CHUGGIN’ along.

3. OLE MISS – Really should be #2. This is the WEEK FLORIDA’s LUCK runs out. OLE MISS 27-13……..

4. TCU – Oh I definitely know they’re LOSING to somebody. It took a MIRACLE from the football gods for them to beat TEXAS TECH (yeah that TEXAS TECH, who haven’t played DEFENSE for 12 years). What was the SCORE 75-70? Anybody remember?

5. BAYLOR – They play TEXAS TECH this week. VEGAS has the over / under at 88pts. 88PTS! All that tells me is NEITHER one of those teams has any DEFENSE…

6. NOTRE DAME – THUD!!! That’s the sound of CLEMSON dropping them OUTTA the TOP 10 Thursday nite in CLEMSON.

7. UCLA – 2 weeks ago, they was sittin’ pretty. But now they have 5, yes 5, DEFENSIVE STARTERS out for the year. NFL teams can’t even RECOVER from that many INJURED STARTERS…….

8. GEORGIA – This week will tell u about GEORGIA, they play Bama. I think GEORGIA WINS bcuz it’s a HOME GAME, but their QB worries me…..I have NO FAITH in that DUDE…..

9. LSU – Didn’t I just tell y’all LAST WEEK that LEONARD FOURNETTE is the next HERSCHEL WALKER. U think 26car 244yds 2TDs last week is gonna change my mind? BUT here’s another team wit’ a QB that worries me too…..

10. UTAH – That DRUBBING of OREGON leaped them right over FSU. From what we’ve SEEN from FSU, they DESERVE to be AHEAD of FSU…. This team is not going to be an EASY OUT and DON’T be surprised if they win the PAC-12.


Our FATHER, may I be good, may I be without BLEMISH, FAULTLESS in the sight of men. But above all help me to be MERCIFUL, even as Thou art MERCIFUL to those who fall by the WAYSIDE, gentle to those who ERR, kind to those who are WEAK, doing justly, loving mercy, and walking HUMBLY with Our GOD,  In the MIGHTY name of JESUS, Amen…………….