cropped-beatmakers-3-e14406047629012.jpg  AFTER the 1st weekend of the season, here’s some things I observed. 1.Alabama looks like ALABAMA  2. We KNOW ASU won’t be PLAYOFF bound like some EXPERT ANALYSTS thought. TEXAS A&M took care of that. My ? is what made them think ASU was playoff bound? WHEN the LAST TIME they’ve won a NC. How ’bout NEVER. 3. FLORIDA is DEFINITELY going to be BETTER. at least they look like they have more than a HIGH SCHOOL OFFENSE this year. 4.AUBURN the jury is still out. 5. TCU and BAYLOR both will LOSE a game. 6. WATCH out for BOISE STATE, they have a REAL SHOT at going UNDEFEATED. OHIO STATE probably will TOO, just bcuz there’s so much HOT GARBAGE in the BIG 10. REALLY it’s just OHIO STATE and NOBODY ELSE. 7. FSU will LOSE at least 2 games, just for the SIMPLE FACT that EVERITT GOLSON is a TURNOVER MACHINE, it’s just a MATTER OF TIME before he IMPLODES. 8. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE did it AGAIN. Knocked off another BIG 12 school. I believe that’s 4 in the last 5 yrs. SOONER or LATER BIG 12 AD’s is gonna realize that’s not AN EASY OUT. 9. I’d say HOLD ON til AFTER the Florida game before u drink that TENNESSEE kool-aid ESPN trying to get us to drink. 10. AFTER watching my BELOVED HURRICANES, I’m CONVINCED we are going 4-8 or 5-7, WE HAVE NO COACHES…………………………………………..Til next week, PEACE OUT


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