When GOD comes knocking on ur HEART’s DOOR, u would be very WISE to let HIM in. Don’t HARDEN ur HEART or stiffen ur NECK. Bcuz We don’t choose GOD, HE chooses us and when u REALLY need HIM, HE might not be there for u. If this HAPPENS, don’t get mad or upset at GOD, bcuz ALL HE’s doing is KEEPING HIS WORD..Bcuz of the HARDNESS of ur HEART, HE says, I will not answer u when u call. Ur prayer will be like an ABOMINATION to HIM. There is a PRICE to pay for REBUKING HIS REPROACH & INSTRUCTION. What if GOD decides to WIPE all the SINNERS off the face of the EARTH tomorrow, where would u be? This might seem IRRATIONAL to U, but to THOSE of US who READ HIS WORD, we know that day is COMING. And when it DOES, ALL the devil worshipping in the world ISN’T going to be able to HELP U. Don’t think just bcuz u’re with someone who is SAVED, that that’s going to HELP u bcuz it’s NOT. As a matter of FACT, ur CHASTISEMENT is going to be WORSE bcuz u knew BETTER and STILL decided to serve satan and that CHILD OF GOD u’re not listening too, ALL they can do is ask GOD to HAVE MERCY on UR SOUL during HIS WRATH…………………………………………..KEEP sleepin’ on GOD and U will REST on a FIRE and BRIMSTONE waterbed…….


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