Isn’t it FUNNY how the UNSAVED can always point out sumthin’ THEY think a CHILD of GOD does wrong? Question 1, WHO told the UNSAVED what they THINK is RIGHT? Question 2, How do u know what the CHILD of GOD did was WRONG? U DON’T have enough SENSE to be SAVED, therefore u SHOULDN’T COMMENT on things u know NOTHING about. My NaNa told me only FOOLS do that. Here’s sumthin’ ELSE for the FOOL to think about too. IF u think u can CORRECT a CHILD of GOD, then that MEANS u understand the WORD, u just WILLFULLY choose not to do it..Now ur PUNISHMENT will be GREATER bcuz u’re WILLFULLY committing SIN. There’s a SCRIPTURE in PROVERBS that says, Even when a FOOL keeps his mouth shut, he is COUNTED as WISE…….What GOD is simply saying is SHUTUP!!! Bcuz the MINUTE u SPEAK everyone is going to know u r a FOOL !!!!!


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