1. OHIO ST. – They don’t play a MEANINGFUL game UNTIL November. In the meantime, they are about to BEAT all the HIGH SCHOOLS they play until then……..

2. ALABAMA – Well one thing’s for SURE, OLE MISS ain’t about to SCORE 70 anything on ALABAMA. As a matter FACT, I don’t think they’ll get 20…

3. TCU – Now here’s a TEAM that has everything QB,RB,WRs, NFL type LBs and CBs..So why don’t I believe in them?When’s the LAST TIME the Big 12 won a FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP?

4. MICHIGAN STATE – This team is for REAL. If they can keep their QB HEALTHY, that game against OHIO STATE in NOVEMBER will be HUGE…

5. BAYLOR – They will DEFINITELY get BEAT once or twice………..

And EVERY TEAM (USF,UCF,FIU included ) in the state of FLORIDA will LOSE at least 2 games……..


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