Well it’s about time to SHED LIGHT on this situation. And that TOPIC is, the BLACK QB at UF. Apparently there’s NO SUCH THING!!! Let’s REVISIT history. We’ll start with CHRIS LEAK, the MOST ostracized QB in UF history. All this man did was throw 88TD’s in his career, MOST in UF history and 2nd place ain’t even CLOSE. He’s TOP 5 in EVERY UF PASSING category, YET they STILL TRYING to say that’s TEBOW’S TROPHY. That’s FUNNY bcuz WITHOUT CHRIS LEAK THEY NEVER SNIFF that championship!!! Now THIS is the one that REALLY needs EXPLAINING. How in the WORLD can CAM NEWTON not beat out TIM TEBOW, neither JOHN BRANTLEY? U couldn’t EXPLAIN that, even if u had a BIBLE in BOTH hands. I’ll venture so far as to say, TEBOW & BRANTLEY together don’t make a QUARTER of the QB that CAM NEWTON is and the PROOF is in the pudding. LOOK who’s STRUGGLING to be a QB after 7yrs, LOOK who’s COACHING HS Football, and LOOK who’s makin’ 60+ million dollars. Any QUESTIONS? Oh BTW, UF didn’t WIN another championship after PERCY HARVIN left, TEBOW was still there!!! anybody remember JACOBY BRISSETTE? Couldn’t get on the field here bcuz he couldn’t beat out JEFF DRISKELL. REALLY! BRISSETTE goes to NC ST and puts up GOOD numbers, BETTER than ANY numbers JEFF DRISKELL could even DREAM of putting up, yet he couldn’t GET ON THE FIELD!!! And FINALLY TREON HARRIS. What has he done so BAD that it warrants him LOSING his JOB to WILL GRIER, who will be ANOTHER AVERAGE WHITE FLORIDA QB, who BEAT (??) out a BLACK QB that is way more TALENTED than he! He’s FINALLY had ENUFF of the MONKEY CIRCUS that UF has turned their QB race into and is transferring to AUBURN. And PAST HISTORY tells me that he is going to be a more than DECENT QB and WILL GRIER will be ANOTHER WHITE QB, who WON the job at Florida, BASED on COLOR and NOT his ACTUAL SKILL level…………………………………..

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