TOP 10

1.OHIO ST – Why are they #1? They almost LOST to a HIGH SCHOOL MAC (NORTHERN ILLINOIS) team.

2.ALABAMA – Until NICK SABAN finds a DECENT QB they might LOSE 2 more games. ESPECIALLY if they commit 5 TURNOVERS. IDC who u are, it’s HARD to OVERCOME that, UNLESS u’re OHIO ST playing a HS MAC team like NORTHERN ILLINOIS……

3.TCU – They gave up 37 pts to SMU. They scored 56 tho’. STILL 37 pts to SMU tells me their DEFENSE isn’t where they think it is…..EXPECT a LOSS soon.


5.BAYLOR – Just as I said LAST WEEK, they can STILL expect 1 or 2 LOSSES.

6.USC – Bye,Bye. That LOSS yesterday to STANFORD was a real eye opener for them and they can QUIT drinking the ESPN Koolaid…………..

7.GEORGIA – That PASTING of S.CAROLINA yesterday, hangin’ 50 on SPURRIER’s boys, MIGHT be the game that SEALED the FATE of the ‘OL BALL COACH at S. CAROLINA…..

8.NOTRE DAME – TOO MANY KEY INJURIES! They will LOSE soon bcuz the law of averages catch up wit’ u SOONER or LATER. and ALL their games can’t be in NOTRE DAME or are they?

9.FSU – They DEFINITELY don’t belong at #9 bcuz they NEED to be RANKED a lot LOWER around 16 or 17 bcuz that’s EXACTLY where they’re at. They play CLEMSON this week right? CLEMSON definitely is NOT BOSTON COLLEGE!!!

10.UCLA – This team is SNEAKY GOOD and they have ALL the ingredients to make a RUN for a Nat’l Championship….Stay TUNED

I’ma say this bcuz I said we (MIAMI) would LOSE 7 or 8 games this year. I’m STILL stickin’ to that bcuz we have NO COACHES whatsoever and we should’ve LOST yesterday. Even on that NOTE, our OFFENSE is BETTER than BOTH UF & FSU’s put TOGETHER and I dare ANYBODY to disagree wit’ that BASED on what u’ve SEEN SO FAR!!!

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