U develop them EARLY in CHILDHOOD. They don’t go away, ONLY wit’ GOD’s HELP can u overcome them. If u SPARE the ROD, then u SPOIL the child. If u’re LAZY now it’s bcuz u were LAZY then and NOBODY stopped u from being LAZY. LAZY PPL will ALWAYS have a hard time staying employed bcuz they have TRAINED themselves to be LAZY. They’ll punch in late bcuz they rather use EXCUSES than WORK. LAZY PPL have EXCUSES for EVERYTHING bcuz it’s EASIER for them than to actually try and ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING…………..Ppl who grew up in houses wit’ a LOT of CUSSING and YELLING are usually the exact SAME WAY. They’re ALWAYS negative, ALWAYS frustrated by any LITTLE THING and generally BITCHY all the TIME. Regardless of what u think, there’s NOTHING GOOD about being a JACKA$$……………That little child who NEVER SHARES wit’ the other children but their parents think that’s CUTE, u are RAISING one SELFISH kid who will LATER turn out to be a VERY SELFISH ADULT. Their hands will STAY CLOSED so tight, u will think they was made of METAL. The funny thing about SELFISH ppl is they think the WORLD owes them sumtin’. My BIBLE says, U reap what u sew. So if u sew NOTHING, u should expect NOTHING!!! DUH !!! MOTS: CALL on GOD, HE’S the ONLY ONE who can rid u of BAD HABITS, not you…..That’s one for ppl with FOOLISH PRIDE to grow on.


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