Overthinking Simpicity

These college & NFL football coaches.

Bret Biliema (ARKANSAS) – Everytime he opens HIS mouth, a bunch of FOOLISHNESS flies out and HIS foot keeps getting stuck in it.

Al Golden (MIAMI HURRICANES) – BEST con man since satan. He’s actually CONVINCED his AD that he’s a REAL FOOTBALL COACH. Best TRICK since satan convinced the WORLD that he doesn’t EXIST. We see how that’s turning out bcuz this WORLD is full of nothing but devils.

CHIP KELLY (PHILLY EAGLES) – OK where do we START, bcuz he’s made so many BLUNDERS we kinda expect it now. First off CHIP, u never get rid of a PROVEN, HEALTHY QB for one who is INJURY PRONE and UNPROVEN. The RAMS were so HAPPY to get that phone call, they couldn’t get the UHAUL TRUCKS to SAM BRADFORD’s door FAST ENUFF to get him out of St. Louis…..2. How u get rid of Desean Jackson and u’ve REPLACED him wit NOBODY!!! There’s NOT 3 WRs on Philly’s roster that will equal one DeSean Jackson. 3. Ditto for LeSean McCoy, anutha questionable move. Demarco Murray does not FIT what they do, but SHADY McCOY did. Somebody better tell CHIP this ain’t Oregon.

STEVE SPURRIER (S. CAR.)Bad as I hate to ADMIT it, I think it’s about time for the ‘OL BALL COACH to call it a DAY. LOOKS like the MESSAGE isn’t gettin’ thru to his PLAYERS anymore. That’s a SHAME TOO bcuz the ‘OL BALL COACH can really COACH ‘EM UP………….

LES MILES (LSU) – He has gotta be the MOST UNDERRATED college football coach in the HISTORY of the SEC. DUDE can really COACH (105-29) in 10 yrs. That’s 10 WINS per., 2 NC games, 3 SEC WEST titles, & 50, count ’em 50 straight non-conference wins (NCAA RECORD). Like I said, DUDE CAN REALLY COACH………….and it also helps when u got the NEXT HERSCHEL WALKER toting the rock LEONARD FOURNETTE….


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