My HEART goes out to LOST ppl. It’s not PITY, bcuz I feel sorry for no one who continues to NOT LISTEN at GOD when HE calls them. But it’s COMPASSION bcuz that’s what JESUS fills us with. EVERYTIME GOD calls they HARDEN their HEARTS, like the PHAROAH, they don’t understand nor try to UNDERSTAND, that GOD’s WAY is the ONLY WAY. They would rather DIE and go to HELL following their HEATHEN FRIENDS. I’m sorry but ANYONE who leads u ASTRAY is NOT UR FRIEND. KEEP doing the things that PLEASES ur FRIENDS, instead of pleasing GOD, keep EXALTING the HEATHENS over the RIGHTEOUS, keep right on NOT SEEKING the KINGDOM of GOD and u are SURELY the ANTICHRIST( EVERYONE who is AGAINST CHRIST)..and HELL is DEFINITELY ur FUTURE!!! U’re ALREADY preparing ur STAY there by following ur SO-CALLED FRIENDS………..


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