Reeling Miami begins post-Golden era at No. 22 Duke

Reeling Miami visits No. 22 Duke in 1st game of post-Al Golden era for Hurricanes

Source: Reeling Miami begins post-Golden era at No. 22 Duke



El Moses Little Ones Ministries

Our FATHER, help me to SEE the TRUE LOVELINESS of LOVE. May I SEEK and CHERISH it as the greatest thing in the world. And FATHER may I express it in the MOST BEAUTIFUL ways that I am capable of, so that it may bring JOY to OTHERS. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS, Amen. 

LOVE suffereth long, and is KIND; LOVE envieth not; LOVE vaunteth not ITSELF, LOVE is not PUFFED UP, doth NOT behave itself UNSEEMLY, SEEKETH NOT HER OWN, is NOT easily PROVOKED, thinketh NO EVIL; rejoiceth NOT in INIQUITY, but rejoiceth in TRUTH. ( 1st Corinthians 13:4-6)

“Seeketh not her OWN”, He’s talking about  IMMORAL RELATIONSHIPS………………..

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Misguided Thinking

El Moses Little Ones Ministries

A LOT of ppl THINK they can LIVE how they wanna LIVE and they’ll GET SAVED later. That’s a very BAD IDEA! As a matter of fact, I will call it the STUPIDEST IDEA u’ve ever had!!! Why the MISGUIDED THINKER asks? I’ll tell u why. I’ll give u an analogy that u will understand. If U only had ONE HOUR to live, who would u call and what would u say? Well why haven’t u made that call YET? The NEXT HOUR is not PROMISED to any of us……………Let Dat Marinate

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