WELL, WELL, WELL. It seems like I’ve gotten a lil’ too REAL on a response I made to a POST yesterday about SLEEPING AROUND. If U think it was too REAL for u, then my ADVICE to U is ONLY DROP UR DRAWERS FOR UR SPOUSE!!! Don’t get MAD at me bcuz GOD outed u. Didn’t I just tell u the day BEFORE, that there is NO SECRETS GOD won’t make known? Now if u know u’ve TRANSGRESSED then what u NEED to do is, 1.GET SAVED as soon as POSSIBLE bcuz if GOD took u RIGHT NOW u’re going to HELL, make no mistake about that. 2.ONCE u get SAVED then GOD FORGIVES u, but then for TOTAL FORGIVENESS, u have to ask ur SPOUSE to forgive u. Yea, that same PERSON u did DIRT too, now u gotta LOOK them in the FACE and tell them u’re a WHOREMONGER. Now the person u’re CHEATING WITH or done CHEATED WITH ain’t nowhere to be found. That shows u how much THEY CARE. Now u REALIZE that u don’t have NOTHING but a DEFILED sexual organ (penis or vagina). GOD protects the SPOUSE (especially if they’re SAVED) by making the FILTHY ONE lose their SEXUAL DESIRE for them ( AMEN FOR THAT) and I BET the PERSON who CHEATING, thinks it’s their IDEA not have SEX wit’ u, WRONG!!! (IT’s GOD’s IDEA bcuz HE is PROTECTING them from ur NASTY BUTT) the CHEATERS always think they’ve found someone BETTER when ALL they really have is NOTHING!!! LUST ( bcuz that’s ALL IT WAS when u got MARRIED, LUST NOT LOVE) don’t last but a FLEETING SECOND ( why u think u CHEATED in the 1st place) and when it’s done, DEATH and DESTRUCTION..Usually the DEATH and DESTRUCTION of ur MARRIAGE…But remember WHOREMONGER that’s what u wanted the INSTANT u DROPPED ur FILTHY UNDERWEAR!!! and The GOD I so LOVELY SERVE will make SURE that’s what u GET!!!! Now the WHOREMONGER realizes all they were was NOTHING but ANOTHER number in somebody else’s SEXUAL ROTATION and now they’ve LOST EVERYTHING! What a PRICE to PAY for DESECRATING GOD’s MARRIAGE VOWS……………but EVERYDAY u have JACKA$$E$ willing to PAY THAT PRICE………..


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