1.FLORIDA GATOR FANS – These are some of the MOST OBNOXIOUS ppl in the sports kingdom. I haven’t heard a PEEP from them in 7yrs, then one WIN, against an OVERRANKED, OVERHYPED, SEC SCHOOL ( OLE MISS) and ppl texting me the next morning saying WE’RE BACK! REALITY CHECK, y’all ain’t BACK! I’ma see how many TEXTS I get Sunday morning after they leave LOUISIANA Saturday nite………………..I’m staying TUNED………OH BTW, I hope y’all (GATOR FANS) still have ur FSU FLAGS u’ve been FLYING proudly for the last 3yrs.

2. All these KNUCKLEHEAD , smart football coaches who just KEEPIN’ makin’ DUMB MOVES at the end of some of these games, it is really UNBELIEVABLE. BUTCH JONES (TENNESSEE) heads this list. So far this year there have been 3 games in which a team LOST a game when it was UP BY 10 in the 4th QT. TENNESSEE has LOST 2 of them. MINDBOGGLING! Which brings us to the NEXT coach on this list.

3. AL GOLDEN (MIAMI)- We can’t run him out of town fast enough. The ONLY THING that’s keeping him from being at the top of this list is BUTCH JONES  being BUTCH JONES. His coaching should be a FELONY. He’s BLOWN more leads than any COACH, as a matter of fact, who keep callin’ this JOKER a COACH? His record is 0-19 in BIG GAMES, yet he is STILL employed. I remember them FIRING Randy Shannon right after the USF LOSS. Hmmmm interesting.

4. Steve Spurrier –  I said a couple of weeks ago, it was TIME for the ‘Ol Head Coach to hang ’em up. He was ONE of the BEST to ever do it tho’. Gotta give him PROPS. Certified HOF.

5. Gotta put 2 teams on UPSET alert

     Bama – I believe KEVIN SUMLIN is putting something SPECIAL together at Texas A&M. I also thought GEORGIA was going to upset BAMA too, we see how that TURNED OUT. ALTHOUGH I did say, I didn’t TRUST Grayson Lambert ( GEORGIA QB). Is this the year for SUMLIN’s BOYZ? We’ll find out Saturday NITE……

     MICH ST. – I said a couple of weeks ago, to watch MICHIGAN. The ? now is, I don’t think anyone would think this is an UPSET anymore……………..


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