El Moses Little Ones Ministries

First OFF, GOD is so  MERCIFUL that He sent His only begotten son in The WORLD to die for our SINS. That is the ULTIMATE act of LOVE bcuz if GOD came to us and asked us to do the SAME, MOST of us couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. He wakes us EVERYDAY so we can see the wonders of His Works. He also gives us FREE WILL and YET, even tho’ ppl understand THIS, They will STILL HARDEN their HEARTS towards GOD and His WORD. Then they look surprised when things don’t go right in their own lives. They’re NOT SUPPOSED to go right bcuz u’re NOT giving GOD nothing to make ur life go right. Now if u THINK u’re gonna make it without GOD then let me drop this NUGGET in ur MEMBRANE. It’s NOT gonna HAPPEN!!! GOD tells u in the Bible, “with Me you have HOPE…

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