I said yesterday, that FSU would win by 11 or more.

I also said that BAYLOR & TCU wouldn’t go UNDEFEATED.

I also said that Ole Miss wasn’t that good or a TOP 3 team.

I also said that Bama would CRUSH LSU and Fournette WOULD NOT get a 100yds.

I also said that as LONG as Da U had GOLDEN and his NON-COACHING staff intact that this would be one of the WORST football seasons in our MIAMI HURRICANES HISTORY.

I also said that EVERY TEAM in the state of FLORIDA would LOSE at least 2 games. DON’T WORRY GAYTOR fans , y’all WILL NOT beat FSU, so that will be ur 2nd LOSS.

AND in the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP game, FLORIDA will get CRUSHED by BAMA by at least 14 points or MORE, a LOT MORE. The ONLY CHANCE that FLORIDA has of WINNING that game is if BAMA don’t SHOW UP TO THE STADIUM…………….


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