Let’s address something for ALL of u who think u know something about FOOTBALL. FLORIDA GATORS fans who think they’re team is SUDDENLY BACK bcuz they’re 10-1, are REALLY FOOLIN’ THEMSELVES!!! The GATORS ARE NOT BACK, quit gettin’ it TWISTED. EVERY TEAM in the SEC EAST is HOT GARBAGE, and when FLORIDA plays ‘BAMA in the SEC ‘Chip, u will see how far FLORIDA really is behind BAMA. 14 points won’t win FLORIDA that game especially when BAMA is putting up a high 30 or a low 40. With Treon Harris at QB they DON’T STAND a SNOWBALL’s chance in HELL of winning that game. It would’ve been HARD for Will Grier to win that game too. REMEMBER Will Muschamp went 11-2 his second season and they THOUGHT they was back then too. SAME EXACT SITUATION. BAMA is not Vanderbilt, S. Carolina, or Florida Atlantic games that FLORIDA barely won. BAMA will EXPOSE EVERY WEAKNESS they have and MOST of them are on the OFFENSIVE side of the ball. BAMA by at LEAST 14, but BEFORE they get to that game they will LOSE to FSU , this Saturday bcuz 14 points WON’T BEAT FSU either!!! The ONLY WAY FLORIDA puts points on the board is when the other team turns the ball over and give them a SHORT FIELD. If u don’t BELIEVE that, tell me how many 80 yard TD drives FLORIDA has had this SEASON? I GUARANTEE u it’s UNDER 5. BELIEVE the eye test bcuz they’re EXACTLY what u see, GOOD Defense and a DREADFUL HIGH SCHOOL OFFENSE………………

Oh and BTW, I’m the ONE who said FLORIDA should win at least 9 games this year regardless of who the coach was bcuz the TALENT on their roster said they should and I said that LAST SUMMER. And MOST FLORIDA fans told me I was TRIPPIN’. Now all of a SUDDEN, they wanna call me BRAGGIN’ bout their RECORD. NEVERMIND the FACT that they DIDN’T BELIEVE in their own TEAM. 


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