There are going to be at LEAST 10 college football coaching jobs OPEN by the end of the Season. The ONLY ONE I care about is Da U and we need to HIRE Butch Davis back and become INSTANT CONTENDERS for an ACC Championship bcuz the TALENT is there.

South Carolina and USC need to make the right HIRES also, especially USC bcuz UCLA, STANFORD, and OREGON is closing ground on them real fast as to who has the best program out WEST.

There’s a rumor out there that has Charlie Strong going to MIAMI. Hmmm interesting to say the least.

The SEC EAST is really WEAK this year but u’ll NEVER get a GATOR fan to admit that. I believe NORTH CAROLINA would BEAT every team in the SEC EAST on a neutral field…………..their LOSS to S. Carolina was a FLUKE. 5 turnovers, still only LOSS by a point.

Is IOWA really the BEST TEAM in the BIG 10? I sure hope NOT!!!

Didn’t some top FLORIDA players call out URBAN MEYER, the SAME WAY Ezekiel Elliot just called him out after Saturday’s LOST to MICHIGAN STATE? I said WAY BACK after week 2, OHIO STATE season wouldn’t START until they played MICHIGAN STATE and MICHIGAN.

BIG 12 football ain’t NOTHING MORE than a WHOLE BUNCH of OFFENSE and whoever gets in the RUNNERS path on his way to a TD on DEFENSE…. Apparently they don’t TEACH TACKLIN’ drills in the BIG 12.

And the HEISMAN TROPHY winner is ?????????????




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