LSU has just ANNOUNCED that their BOOSTERS met and they are willing to pay the $15-20 mil to buyout LES MILES’ contract. Another STUPID move. LES MILES has won over a 100+ games in 11yrs at LSU and 2 NC games. Where was LSU before he got there? That’s right where they are about to go BACK to. Who are they gonna get to REPLACE HIM? This is the KIND of STUPIDITY that happens when a SCHOOL’s BOOSTERS think they know what they’re doing. This would be like ALABAMA firing NICK SABAN bcuz he LOST 3 games in a year.

Oh yeah, Jim McEllwaine just referred to his FLORIDA team, as WATCHING DEAD FISH playing football. I just TOLD y’all that this morning. Their OFFENSE is PUTRID and the head coach just ACKNOWLEDGED IT !!! What he’s really trying to do is SOFTEN the blow for the FAN BASE, when they LOSE, bcuz he sees it COMIN’……


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