First off, nice try wit’ tha INJURY REPORT for this week, JIM McELWAINE. If I can see thru that, then I know good and well that ol’ JIMBO can see thru that too. The ONLY way I’ll believe it is if I don’t see none of them guys on the field Saturday. This is FLORIDA not COLORADO and it’s hard to BLOW SMOKE up our butts bcuz we don’t fall for the okie doke.

Will somebody please BEAT THA BRAKES off NOTRE DAME. I’m telling y’all AGAIN, a one loss NOTRE DAME is gettin’ in the playoffs so that means somebody’s conference is going to get left out, so get READY FOR IT!!!!

I can’t quite wrap my head around LSU wanting to FIRE LES MILES. UNLESS they have a deal in place wit’ another BIG NAME COACH, they are about to do the EXACT SAME THING Texas did last year when they thought they had NICK SABAN.        SYKE!!!!

Will somebody please EXPLAIN to me, what a GOOD LOSS is? Is it as hard to EXPLAIN what a CATCH is now?

There is going to be a game in the BIG 12, sooner or later, where the score is going to be 77-70 and that is going to be a FOOTBALL GAME………geez the defenses SUCK in the BIG 12.

Do u know there’s a POSSIBILITY that IOWA, MICHIGAN STATE, & OHIO STATE could all go 11-1 and ALL 3 NOT make the playoffs?  STAY TUNED……


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