1.CLEMSON – They are really good, but are they the BEST TEAM? That is very much in DEBATE especially on a NEUTRAL FIELD.

2.ALABAMA – This is PROBABLY the BEST TEAM and they PROBABLY will win the NAT’L CHAMPIONSHIP, but remember they had the BEST TEAM last year and we see how that TURNED OUT………………….

3.OKLAHOMA – This is anutha really good football team. Actually it’s the ONLY TEAM that plays DEFENSE in the BIG 12. Their LOSS to TEXAS was a total fluke. They haven’t LOST since that game and they have been wearing teams out, BAYLOR, TCU, OKLAHOMA ST, it didn’t MATTER. They BEAT them all PRETTY EASILY……….

4. I DON’T CARE who goes here, just as long as it WASN’T FLORIDA or NOTRE DAME bcuz NEITHER one of them deserved to be here. This spot will be MICHIGAN STATE’s if they can manage to win out………IOWA is not as sorry as ppl think they are and they can BEAT MICHIGAN STATE…..



One thought on “COLLEGE FOOTBALL

  1. Okay, since I am from Oklahoma and I watch OU play I will agree with you. I do have some issues with the team, even though I watch them faithfully of course. One of my biggest issues with them is that when it comes to bowl games I want to scream at how they have played over the years. Okay, I will get off their backs now. Unfortunately, I don’t tune in to watch other teams unless they are play either OU, or OSU. At any rate, I am able to see what other teams do against Oklahoma. I am ready for weekend college football!:)

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