I’m listening at BIG BOY RADIO this morning and Adam Reardon is ALL IN on Christian McCaffery (STANFORD) winning the Heisman. REALLY??? Let’s see about that! First of all, it’s the PAC-12 conference. Who in the HELL plays any D in the Pac-12? I’ll wait. Didn’t the Pac-12 just get BLOWED OUT in the NAT’L CHIP last year? If u had a chance to start a team, who would u take DERRICK HENRY or CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREY? That’s a NO-BRAINER and it ain’t EVEN that close. I’ll go one BETTER, LEONARD FOURNETTE or McCAFFERY? Anutha NO-BRAINER. Any GM worth his salt would pick FOURNETTE. They (STANFORD) LOST to MIGHTY Northwestern & Oregon. Do u THINK MCCAFFERY would get a 100yds rushing against FLORIDA or LSU or GEORGIA or MISSOURI? HELL NO, but HENRY did and they KNEW what was comin’, they STACKED 8 men in the BOX and they STILL couldn’t STOP HIM. How many defenses in the Pac-12 are in the TOP 25 in the NATION? I’ll wait for that answer too. But how many from the SEC are in the Top 25? There are 5 from the SEC and NOT ONE from the PAC-12. 4 SEC defenses, FLORIDA, BAMA, GEORGIA, & MISSOURI are in the TOP 10 ALONE. The highest one from the PAC-12 is WASHINGTON at #28, the NEXT one after that is UTAH at #41. REALLY Adam Reardon? C’mon man. And I’m NOT an SEC homer.


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