Didn’t I try to tell EVERY GATOR fan that FLORIDA was NOT as good as their RECORD said they was? NOBODY LISTENED. I betcha they SEE that now. These 3 straight LOSSES is no FLUKE. The SEC EAST was GARBAGE just like I said and they was BARELY beating that GARBAGE. Their 3 straight LOSSES they have been BLOWN OUT & that’s EXACTLY what their team is and just like I said 1 1/2 MONTHS ago, FLORIDA was the WORST 10-1 team that I have EVER SEEN. Did I LIE? I’ma say now just what I said then, they have a HIGH SCHOOL OFFENSE with a D1 QB who should be at FAMU instead of in GAINESVILLE. I KNOW THIS GAME!!! I DON”T BE GUESSING!!! And get READY to go 8-4 NEXT YEAR bcuz it’s COMIN’!!! Whether u wanna BELIEVE it or NOT and DON’T BET against it unless u got MONEY to burn. I tried to tell ’em……….


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