The BUCCANEERS FIRED Lovie Smith last night. Unless they’re gettin’ JIMBO FISCHER, NICK SABAN, URBAN MEYER, or JON GRUDEN, this was a really DUMB MOVE. And I hope they didn’t do it to get CHIP KELLY. CHIP KELLY is NOT a NFL head coach!!!!! He is a great college coach who should end up at either TEXAS or TEXAS A&M, sorry CHARLIE STRONG & KEVIN SUMLIN but BOTH of u are doing TERRIBLE JOBS considering the amount of TALENT that’s in TEXAS. CHIP KELLY CANNOT evaluate NFL talent, look at all the NFL players he let go in Philly and look at the garbage he kept and the garbage he traded for SAM BRADFORD and started at QB. IDK what TAMPA BAY thinkin’ bout, they only won ONE game the year before, how do u think they ended up with JAMEIS WINSTON? So 6 wins is a BIG IMPROVEMENT over 1 win. What were they EXPECTIN’? To make the playoffs.


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