I told ppl this was gonna happen as soon as we HIRED MARK RICHT as our football coach. That teams were NO LONGER going to be able to come into DADE COUNTY and pluck the BEST PLAYERS. That’s sumthin’ LARRY COKER, RANDY SHANNON, and especially AL GOLDEN didn’t seem to grasp that concept and that is why they’re ALL FORMER COACHES of the Univ. of MIAMI. This is also the REASON why GATOR fans should be concerned. Last year UF was way BEHIND on in-state talent just like again this year. McIllwaine gets NO PASS this year bcuz he HIRED 2 coaches SPECIFICALLY for that job in RANDY SHANNON and KERRY DIXON and they BOTH FAILED miserably bcuz UF only signed 4, that’s right 4, players that were in the state’s TOP 50. That’s PITIFUL, especially since FLORIDA is supposed to be the state’s FLAGSHIP UNIVERSITY. FSU signed 8 and MIAMI signed 10. Last year FSU signed 9 and MIAMI 8. I’ma say it AGAIN, I would rather sign a 3star kid from S. FLA than a 5star kid from IOWA, IDAHO, NEBRASKA, or any of them other BOGUS states who pretend to play HS football. And u know what I’m glad RICHT didn’t sign, one of them GARBAGE HS players from PENNSYLVANIA who GOLDEN seemed to be so fond of. Next year it’s going to be even WORSE for UF bcuz RICHT has  gotten VERBAL COMMITMENTS from 12 of S. FLA best players for next year already. The man knows what it takes to win. U BETTER have some players from S. FLA on ur roster and NOT just any players, but some of the BEST S. FLA players.


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