The BRONCOS defeated the PANTHERS in the SB yesterday 24-10 in what can only be described some of the most pathetic football in Sup[er Bowl history. It was a game of miscues and mistakes and most were committed by the PANTHERS, that’s why they’re 17-2 now and NOBODY will remember their season but the ppl of CAROLINA. Just like nobody remembers the PATRIOTS went 18-1, but they remember the Super Bowl LOSS to the GIANTS that year. My POINT, nobody remembers 2nd place. That LOSS revealed some things about the PANTHERS, 1. They DEFINITELY need a new OC, one with IMAGINATION. How can u go thru an ENTIRE GAME and only throw the ball on 1st down when u have to? When everybody in the building knows u gotta throw. IDIOT didn’t call one SCREEN PASS to the RBs ALL GAME. 2. They need a LEFT and RIGHT TACKLE bcuz DENVER’s edge rushers lived in CAROLINA’s backfield the whole game. Those 2 tackles WHIFFED more than ppl playin’ WHIFFLE BALL. I know NEITHER one of them can dance bcuz they DIDN’t move their feet all night. 3.They need BETTER WRs. WRs who can actually separate from DBs. I know they was without KELVIN BENJAMIN, but they was without KB all season, so that’s NO EXCUSE. TED GINN JR still doesn’t know how to CATCH. JERICHO COTCHERY dropped passes that hit him right in the HANDS. DENVER knew all they had was GREG OLSEN and they doubled him like good teams supposed too. Did the better team win? The one that was BETTER yesterday did…….

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