A country family goes on the FAMILY FEUD. So it was one of the son’s turn to answer a question. The host asks him, Name a state with the word NEW in it? He hit that bell. He scratched his head, paused for a minute and LOOKED ROUND, turned, and said wit’ a STRAIGHT FACE,  NUuuuubraska…….. The rest of the country family said , GOOD ANSWER…… they jumped up and down.


Watch Out now

Lady takes her infant child to the ER. When she gets there, she explains the emergency to the Dr. and tells him the baby swallowed a bullet by accident. The Dr. reaches onto his shelf and gives the lady a bottle of Cod Liver Oil and tells her not to aim him at nobody…….


A dad buys a brand new car and drives it home. His 17 yr old son, who had a driver license, was admiring the car. He asks his dad, when can he drive his dates out in the car? His dad replies, when he can take the F out of way. The son says, Ain’t no F in way. The dad says, that’s riiiiiiight…………………..


     I went to a friend of mine’s house and he was watchin’ his wedding tape. But I noticed, he was watchin’ it in REVERSE. So I asked him, Bruh why u watchin’ ur wedding in REVERSE. Without lookin’ at me , he simply said, I’m going back to the PART, where I take the RING off the b$#%&#s finger……………….MOTS: This is a MESSAGE for B-itchy wives. Now u see how ur HUSBAND feels. BETTER PAY ATTENTION!!!!