There’s ONLY one reason PETE ROSE in not getting into the MLB Hall of Fame and his name is BARRY BONDS. That’s bcuz the old fogeys who vote on MLB’s HoF are STILL stuck in the 50’s & 60’s, DON’T let ’em fool ya. If they put PETE in and they DON’T put BONDS in, it will LOOK very RACIST and if they put BONDS in and NOT PETE ROSE, that will look RACIST also. So they’ve decided not to put EITHER in but TY COBB is in and it has been very well documented that TY COBB is a known RACIST wit KKK ties. So I guess it’s NOT OK to commit crimes against baseball but it is OK to commit crimes against HUMANITY. That tells u a lot about the OLD FOGEYS doesn’t it???



Anybody remember when ICE-T dropped the song, COP KILLER? Apparently ICE-T knew what he was talkin’ bout. What those so-called GANGSTA RAPPERS was talkin’ bout was TRUTH. They weren’t  LYING about these POLICE. They were KILLING MINORITIES then and they STILL ARE DOING it today. The ONLY REASON we know about it now is bcuz the same technology they thought was going to be ABOVE our ( MINORITIES) comprehension is the EXACT SAME TECHNOLOGY that’s being used to EXPOSE them. THANK GOD for camera phones and video dash cameras. It amazes me when one of the WHITE COPS get shot or KILLED how the POLICE can come out and talk about SOLIDARITY, but I have yet to see a video or NEWS FOOTAGE of them going to ANY of these MINORITY FAMILIES’ HOMES and giving CONDOLENCES. Not an APOLOGY that’s WRITTEN by a POLICE PR man and then SPOKEN WORD FOR WORD on TV. Go to these MINORITY FAMILIES HOMES and APOLOGIZE from that SAME HEART, that u used, to KILL THEIR CHILD WITH!!!!