I told ppl this was gonna happen as soon as we HIRED MARK RICHT as our football coach. That teams were NO LONGER going to be able to come into DADE COUNTY and pluck the BEST PLAYERS. That’s sumthin’ LARRY COKER, RANDY SHANNON, and especially AL GOLDEN didn’t seem to grasp that concept and that is why they’re ALL FORMER COACHES of the Univ. of MIAMI. This is also the REASON why GATOR fans should be concerned. Last year UF was way BEHIND on in-state talent just like again this year. McIllwaine gets NO PASS this year bcuz he HIRED 2 coaches SPECIFICALLY for that job in RANDY SHANNON and KERRY DIXON and they BOTH FAILED miserably bcuz UF only signed 4, that’s right 4, players that were in the state’s TOP 50. That’s PITIFUL, especially since FLORIDA is supposed to be the state’s FLAGSHIP UNIVERSITY. FSU signed 8 and MIAMI signed 10. Last year FSU signed 9 and MIAMI 8. I’ma say it AGAIN, I would rather sign a 3star kid from S. FLA than a 5star kid from IOWA, IDAHO, NEBRASKA, or any of them other BOGUS states who pretend to play HS football. And u know what I’m glad RICHT didn’t sign, one of them GARBAGE HS players from PENNSYLVANIA who GOLDEN seemed to be so fond of. Next year it’s going to be even WORSE for UF bcuz RICHT has  gotten VERBAL COMMITMENTS from 12 of S. FLA best players for next year already. The man knows what it takes to win. U BETTER have some players from S. FLA on ur roster and NOT just any players, but some of the BEST S. FLA players.



LES MILES has struck again too. The LSU ALUMNI tried to run him outta town, but the SMARTER head prevailed, which was the A.D. The QUESTION that I have for the DUMB *** BOOSTERS was who were u going to HIRE if u let MILES go? U weren’t going to HIRE NOBODY who was better than MILES, that’s for sure. So what bcuz he CAN’T BEAT Nick Saban every year, NOBODY can. But LES surely went a long way to even the playing field today. By signing the #1 recruiting class today, 13 ESPN Top 300 he sure just gained a LOT of ground on ol’ NICK SABAN……


CHARLIE STRONG is really racking up in the state of TEXAS. Although the GOOD ‘OL BOYS in the TEXAS ALUMNI did everything in their POWER to make sure CHARLIE failed, it did not work. He has gotten MOST of the TOP DEFENSIVE players to commit to TEXAS. I’m glad. Just goes to show that u CAN’T keep a good man down and GOD will make sure of that. Congratz to CHARLIE STRONG and the LONGHORNS.


There’s ONLY one reason PETE ROSE in not getting into the MLB Hall of Fame and his name is BARRY BONDS. That’s bcuz the old fogeys who vote on MLB’s HoF are STILL stuck in the 50’s & 60’s, DON’T let ’em fool ya. If they put PETE in and they DON’T put BONDS in, it will LOOK very RACIST and if they put BONDS in and NOT PETE ROSE, that will look RACIST also. So they’ve decided not to put EITHER in but TY COBB is in and it has been very well documented that TY COBB is a known RACIST wit KKK ties. So I guess it’s NOT OK to commit crimes against baseball but it is OK to commit crimes against HUMANITY. That tells u a lot about the OLD FOGEYS doesn’t it???


Did anyone NOTICE what happened at the FLORIDA HS State Football Championships these past 2 weekends? EVERY TEAM from South Florida won (MIAMI CENTRAL, ST THOMAS AQUINAS, IMG, BOOKER T WASHINGTON) for CENTRAL & BOOKER T. it was BOTH schools 4th straight State Championships. Why that IDIOT, AL GOLDEN, didn’t recruit players out of MIAMI is beyond me, but ULTIMATELY, that’s what led to his DUMB ### getting FIRED. Why he was RECRUITING Pennsylvania, NJ, and them other up north HS player to play in FLORIDA was beyond me. Let them GARBAGE HS players stay in the BIG 10 and RECRUIT the JACKRABBITS in ur own BACKYARD. Don’t worry, MARK RICHT, already has 9 of them LOCKED for Da U. I already said we would be in the ACC Chip next year and he’s well on his way.



To NORTH MARION SR HS COLTS for an outstanding football season and a DEEP RUN in the playoffs. I meant to do this a couple of weeks ago. Although their season ended 65-58 in the playoffs, hold on a minute, how many games are u going to LOSE when u score 58 points? NOT MANY that’s for sure. It was STILL a SUCCESSFUL season. With the returning players they have, they have to REPLACE their QB and WR, they should make another DEEP RUN next year under the coaching tutelage of Stephen Fields. CONGRATULATIONS again.


I’m listening at BIG BOY RADIO this morning and Adam Reardon is ALL IN on Christian McCaffery (STANFORD) winning the Heisman. REALLY??? Let’s see about that! First of all, it’s the PAC-12 conference. Who in the HELL plays any D in the Pac-12? I’ll wait. Didn’t the Pac-12 just get BLOWED OUT in the NAT’L CHIP last year? If u had a chance to start a team, who would u take DERRICK HENRY or CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREY? That’s a NO-BRAINER and it ain’t EVEN that close. I’ll go one BETTER, LEONARD FOURNETTE or McCAFFERY? Anutha NO-BRAINER. Any GM worth his salt would pick FOURNETTE. They (STANFORD) LOST to MIGHTY Northwestern & Oregon. Do u THINK MCCAFFERY would get a 100yds rushing against FLORIDA or LSU or GEORGIA or MISSOURI? HELL NO, but HENRY did and they KNEW what was comin’, they STACKED 8 men in the BOX and they STILL couldn’t STOP HIM. How many defenses in the Pac-12 are in the TOP 25 in the NATION? I’ll wait for that answer too. But how many from the SEC are in the Top 25? There are 5 from the SEC and NOT ONE from the PAC-12. 4 SEC defenses, FLORIDA, BAMA, GEORGIA, & MISSOURI are in the TOP 10 ALONE. The highest one from the PAC-12 is WASHINGTON at #28, the NEXT one after that is UTAH at #41. REALLY Adam Reardon? C’mon man. And I’m NOT an SEC homer.


First of all, Congratz to our NEW HC Mark Richt. That was a GREAT HIRE for Da “U”. Gotta admit, I never saw that one comin’, but it’s on and crackin’ now. We’ll be in the ACC CHAMPIONSHIP game NEXT YEAR bcuz we got PLENTY of TALENT, just DIDN’T have a COACH. WE’RE BACK!!!!!!!!

Didn’t I TELL GATOR fans 2 weeks ago what was about to HAPPEN to them? Not ONLY did I tell them they were gonna LOSE but EXACTLY how they was gonna LOSE. Keep thinkin’ I’m guessing. I just TOLD u LAST WEEK after ur LOSS to FSU exactly what ALABAMA was going to do. DERRICK HENRY was gonna run at least 40x and he was gettin’ at least 175yds. Those were the EXACT WORDS, now tell me did I LIE? Next year they’re going to LOSE at least 3 games bcuz WILL GRIER won’t be back until game 7 and TREON HARRIS is NOT a D1 QB, so get ready for it. BESIDES that the BEST RB they have is NOT KELVIN TAYLOR or JORDAN CRONKRITE, it’s JORDAN SCARLETT and they won’t play him for some reason. He’s 6’2″ and weighs 240lbs, the exact same size as DERRICK HENRY. They’ll figure it out sooner or later…….

IDC who wins the NAT'L Championship as long as it WASN'T, NOTRE DAME or STANFORD or OHIO ST. or FLORIDA, I'm ok wit' that. Bcuz NEITHER one of those TEAMS belonged there. It's funny how things have a way of working out. But I will say DON'T SLEEP on OKLAHOMA.......


Why in the WORLD is GEORGIA considering hiring WILL MUSCHAMP? I know he played there but he CANNOT COACH. Did they see what he accomplished at FLORIDA? NOTHING!!! I will go so far as to say that he set their program BACK at least 2 yrs. Now I’m gonna give him a break when it comes to AUBURN’s D bcuz those are NOT his players but he did make them BETTER toward the end of the year. But I would DEFINITELY NOT put him in charge of my football program…………………


1.CLEMSON – They are really good, but are they the BEST TEAM? That is very much in DEBATE especially on a NEUTRAL FIELD.

2.ALABAMA – This is PROBABLY the BEST TEAM and they PROBABLY will win the NAT’L CHAMPIONSHIP, but remember they had the BEST TEAM last year and we see how that TURNED OUT………………….

3.OKLAHOMA – This is anutha really good football team. Actually it’s the ONLY TEAM that plays DEFENSE in the BIG 12. Their LOSS to TEXAS was a total fluke. They haven’t LOST since that game and they have been wearing teams out, BAYLOR, TCU, OKLAHOMA ST, it didn’t MATTER. They BEAT them all PRETTY EASILY……….

4. I DON’T CARE who goes here, just as long as it WASN’T FLORIDA or NOTRE DAME bcuz NEITHER one of them deserved to be here. This spot will be MICHIGAN STATE’s if they can manage to win out………IOWA is not as sorry as ppl think they are and they can BEAT MICHIGAN STATE…..